London Open Drumming Group


About the group
The London Open Drumming group has been meeting since 1997. The aim is to provide a safe working environment to practice core shamanic techniques for people who have done an introductory course. It also gives the opportunity to talk about shamanic experiences with others and to foster shamanic community.

Within the core shamanic framework the shamanic journey, song, dance art and craft have been some of the forms the group have used to explore personal creativity, healing and personal development. The group has also worked with ceremony and ritual for both personal and community healing. Whatever form the work takes we are always looking to deepen our relationships with our spirit helpers and teachers and to bring the power and wisdom available in the spirit world to this reality.

Is the group open to anyone?
The group is open to anyone who has attended a basic course in core shamanism or done shamanic counselling with someone known to the organisers. This is to ensure the sessions can focus on developing shamanic practice and learning new techniques and not continually covering the basics of journeying and the geography of the spirit world. Potential members must have done journeys to the lower and upper world and to have journeyed for someone else.

How do I join?
Send an email to with the heading "LODG membership" and ask to be added to the email reminder list. Please include where and with whom you did your basic course or which shamanic practitioner has taught you to journey. You will then receive venue information and be added to the email reminder list which sends out information about upcoming meeting dates and topics. You can unsubscribe from the list at any time. If in doubt as to whether your experience will enable you to attend email us your experience.

How often must I attend and do I need to bring a drum?
The group is open so members can attend whichever meetings they wish.
Although it is called a drumming group the only drumming that usually happens is for the journeying and is done by the person running that session. If there is going to be group drumming a reminder to bring one goes out in the e-mail reminder.

Where and when does the group meet?
We usually meet on the second Saturday of the month but sometime the date or time may change. The venue is a few minutes walk from the train and tube stations at Vauxhall, London SW8. The doors open at 12 noon and we finish by 6 p.m. If we have started we may not be able to open the door so if you are delayed please let the facilitator who is running the day know. Please do not arrive late or plan to leave early. The part of the venue we use is fully accessible.

What should I bring and how much does it cost?

For more information and venue address contact:

Shenoah Taylor

Karen Kelly

David Scott

Each meeting is different and wonderful in it's own way. It offers the opportunity for people to develop their own work as well as learning new techniques and deepening their connection.

Some past themes have included

earth connection through ritual and creativity, shamanic song, ancestor work, seidr, rattle making, shamanic healing, shamanic art, healing using medicine objects, healing dance, group ritual, transitions, divination, journeying on song, personal healing, give away ceremony, self expression, nature work (done in the summer), healing song, working with the elements and many more