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The following are the workshops that I currently offer

Introductory workshops

Learning the work of the shaman

The Turning of the Year
Five meetings over a year with supported self study between meetings to develop an ongoing practice and foster a deeper relationship with nature, the seasons and our immediate environment.

Soul Retrieval
Exploring the cause and effects of soul loss and how to prepare ourselves and others to work with soul retrieval.

Practice Days
The opportunity to develop skills and build confidence in shamanic work while allowing the spirits to inform the work

Practitioner Days
Addressing issues that shamanic practitioners experience in setting up and running a practice. For those who are already working with clients or would like to take that step.

Deepening the Journey
Deepening trust and relationships with spirit helpers, exploring different ways of working and developing personal practice and integrating it into our everyday lives.

Shamanic Healing
Exploring different methods of shamanic healing. For those seeking to deepen their personal practice as well as those interested in developing their healing work for others

The Healing Power of Song
Exploring how working with shamanic song can deepen our shamanic practice and bring healing for ourselves and others. The ability to sing in tune is not required.

This sunset to sunrise longdance will bring together a community who seek to mark a change or transition in life and to dance into their futures in a ceremonial setting while offering an energy give away.

Shamanic Landscapes, Shamanic Stories
Exploring our shamanic landscapes and bringing them to life in ordinary reality.

Exploring Seidr
Using the ancient practice of seidr in our modern day lives and shamanic practices.

Shamanic Practitioners

There are two main ways that shamanism works, the more traditional way of using the skills of a shamanic practitioner to do work on behalf of an individual or community or, as many people are now doing, learning to find help, healing and empowerment on their own behalf.

Although you may have an idea of the work you would like to do practitioners may seek guidance from the spirits as to what work is most appropriate. The spirits may agree with what has been requested or have other suggestions. Please do not take this personally, shamanism is spiritual work and it is the spirits who know how, if at all, it is appropriate for you to work together. Once you have heard what they suggest it is your choice if this is the work you want to do at this time.

Follow your instincts as to who is right for you to work with, you may want to talk to a few people before deciding. Some questions that may help you make your choice are:-

If you do not live in London try the core shamanic practitioner circle where there is a list of people from different parts of the country who agree to work within the code of ethics of the circle core shamanic practitioner circle

Practitioners also offering courses

London -
Fiona Smith

Malcolm Moore:

Zoe Bran:

Kathy Fried:

Eva Weaver:

Wiltshire / Oxfordshire
Joanna Shipley:

Book List

This book list is a very small selection of the books that are available on shamanism.

The Shaman by Piers Vitebsky. Fabulous overview of shamanism. Glossy, colour, easy to read, nice pictures, good information. Written by an anthropologist with twenty years of field experience.

Shamanism - Archaic techniques of ecstasy - by Mircea Eliade. Considered by some to be the definitive work on shamanism, this 1951 classic is an academic book and quite heavy going but full of shamanic techniques from across the world.

Soul Retrieval - Mending the fragmented self - by Sandra Ingerman. The book on Soul Retrieval.

The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner. The man who created core shamanism.

The Spirits Are Always With Me by Jane Shutt. Informative and down to earth.

Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner's Guide by Sandra Ingerman, includes drumming CD.


Sacred Hoop - British quarterly magazine about shamanism and animism. Lots of workshops and goods on offer in the adverts section. Many articles available to view on line.

Spirit Talk - online shamanic newsletter edited by Karen Kelly. Comes out about 3 times a year. Interesting articles by shamanic practitioners and people using shamanism in their lives. The web site is at and click on 'spirit talk' button.

Society for Shamanic Practitioners - a bi-yearly journal

Workshops - Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies, basic and advanced workshops, including Seidr, and articles on shamanism written by its founders Jonathan Horwitz and Annette Høst. - courses in ancient healing way, rites of passage and nature work with Pippa Bondy - an organisation who's aim is to foster shamanic circles world-wide. List of drumming groups that meet all over the world. - Compassionate Depossession workshops and seidr

Drums / Rattles / Craftwork - beautiful craft work such as rattles, drums, paintings. - visionary art to nourish heart and spirit. - International Festival of Indigenous People, that takes place in Northern Norway each July. - beautiful drums and drum making workshops as well as shamanic courses in the beautiful Norwegian wilderness. His wife Anasira makes custom made felt drum bags, she can be contacted via Day - Drums and rattles and courses in Denmark by Susanne and Erik who studied with Day Feye - Drums and rattles, drum bags, flutes, workshops with Nicci in the Surrey Countryside