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For my new website for healing and one to one work click on this link www.shenoahtaylor.com

For my new website for courses click on this link www.shamanicvoices.org.uk

Shamanism is humanity's most enduring spiritual practice and has brought hope healing and empowerment to people for thousands of years. It is as relevant for life in the 21st century as it was for our ancestors.

Shamanism can bring transformation at the deepest level and help with life changes, relationships, healing, connection and transitions. Anyone can use shamanism in their lives, for some it is the next step to help them on their way, for others it becomes a life path.

Contact Shenoah Taylor shenoah@shenoahtaylor.com 020 8993 8392

"the trail is the truth
and the journey the destination
we walk the trail and the trail walks us
that's the magic"

Barry Brailsford - Song of the Circle